How do you like YOUR pancakes?

How do you like YOUR pancakes?

I’ve been making a lot of pancakes lately!  We’ve had a lot of house guests the past couple of weeks, and pancakes tend to appeal to most people.  On the surface, pancakes seem to be pretty mundane, but there can actually be a lot of variety.  You can make your pancakes plain, of course, you […]

Blessed to be busy

I have been busy in the kitchen lately!  A local oral-motor clinic was celebrating their ten-year anniversary, and asked me to join in the celebration by making twenty-three dozen gluten-free and dairy-free brownies!!  I was so happy to be included. I have four cake pans, so I can make eight dozen at a time.  It […]

RESOLUTIONS! How’s that goin’ for ya?

RESOLUTIONS!  How’s that goin’ for ya?

Are you one to make resolutions?  I think most of us have made “New Year’s Resolutions” at one time or another.  Then, sometimes, you just get discouraged, and tell yourself that you’ll never do that again!  The next year rolls around.  “Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions”?  It’s hard not to give in to […]

I need a Christmas present for whom?

I need a Christmas present for whom?

It seems there are always last minute Christmas presents to give, so it’s nice to have a few things on hand.  This post will be short, to give you time to plan for those last minute “stumbling blocks”.  You know they’re coming, so you may as well be ready! I LOVE, love essential oils.  For […]

Coconut this, Coconut that!

Coconut this, Coconut that!

It seems that everywhere you turn, you are hearing about coconut!  I know I am.  Coconut oil is a good carrier oil, for use with essential oils.  Coconut oil is filled with all sorts of goodness, from raising HDL (good cholesterol), to helping you manage your blood sugar.  Coconut oil, coconut water, shredded coconut, coconut […]

Motivation for a Monday

Good morning! I thought I’d share some motivation this morning! A lot of times when I get up early, I want a snack about 9:00. Sometimes I make not-so-good choices, like grabbing a cookie. But today I thought I could take an extra two minutes and whip up a smoothie. I added to my blender […]

How do you fail?

What a strange question, “How do you fail?”  I don’t  want to know how to fail; I already know how to do that!  Most of know that we fail at times–some of us even may feel that we fail all the time.  Even worse, I may feel like I am a failure. How not true. […]

One Step To Better Health Today

Which of these looks most refreshing to you?   How how about now? I drank soft drinks once upon a time.  I also stayed in the doctor’s office with a sinus infection.  In search of better health, but not really thinking of sinus infections, I decided to go off soft drinks for a while.  It’s […]